Beware of Side-Job-Billy! You know the guy, who claims to be a handy man with the minivan selling cheap pumps he bought off the internet!
Ask yourself:
  • Who is coming to your door?
  • Are they licensed?
  • Are they trained professionals?
  • Are they insured or bonded?
  • Do they have a business license?

And most importantly:
  • What sort of heat pump are they pushing?
  • Is there a warranty on this heat pump?
  • Are they capable of fixing the unit if it breaks?
  • Will this heat pump survive the cold climate?
  • Does this guy have any experience?
  • Do you want a cheap unit that will freeze up and shut down at cold temperatures, or do you want the best heat pump on the market?
Side-Job-Billy is a threat to your family, your home, and your bank account. You have worked hard to build your home and protect your family. Don't stop now! Ensure you have a licensed professional HVAC technician and electrician come into your home ~ it is an investment that will provide peace of mind, give you the most efficient heat pumps on the market and allow your family to sleep comfortably and safely at night.
Ductless Mini Splits
Tradewinds Eco-Energy Solutions is proud to be the only dealer for Mitsubishi heat pumps on PEI and one of a few in NB. Mr. Slim heat pumps are the ONLY heat pumps on the market rated for -25 with this amount of heating capacity and The Mr. Slim has a heating coil in the outdoor condenser unit so it will NOT freeze up.

Super Efficient

These units are very efficient; a new oil furnace would probably have an efficiency rating of 85%, propane around 94% and electric heat is 100%. In comparison, these units are 350% efficient ~ and that’s why you can save 60%-75% in your heating costs.

The average cost per year to run these units is around $500-$600. In January, the monthly bill might be around $120 and in the summer, the air conditioning would cost less than a dollar a day. Most customers find the ROI (return on investment) is very rapid. The savings from the heat pump will pay for itself in 2-3 years.

Heat Pump Technology

The heat pump is run by electricity but it’s NOT electric heat! A heat pump simply transfers heat from one place to another. Even at below zero temperatures, there is still heat in the air as it can always be colder! The condenser unit contains a refrigerant R410A which is in a vapor form. The fan blows the air through the condenser which grabs the heat from the air. It then compressors the vapor into a liquid form and compresses it to boiling point. The liquid is transferred through the copper piping to the inside head and voila ~ heat. It then cycles back to the condenser changing back into vapor. When you reverse this cycle ~ you have air conditioning!

It uses 220, 15 amp double breaker. These heat pumps are very efficient to run due to the inverter technology. Even though it’s 15 amp, it never draws that much electricity. It comes on with a soft start and would draw probably only 7 or 8 amps ~ that’s why it’s so efficient!


The head is placed in the largest room in the house preferably on an outdoor wall about 4 inches from the ceiling. Open areas such as the dining, kitchen, and living room are usual rooms having good air flow. The compressor and head can be up to 25 ft apart ~ anything further than that would require more refrigerant to be added to the system causing installation costs to go up and efficiency to go down!


At Tradewinds Eco-Energy Solutions, we offer a 10 year warranty on the compressor, 8 years on parts and 10 years on labour with the participation of the maintenance plan. We are proud to use certified HVAC technicians and we have a great staff that does a wonderful, professional job! We back everything we install!

We have knowledgeable estimators who can stop by for a FREE in-home estimate.