We installed 3 Mr. Slims in our 3 story rental duplex. Our tenants love them and the building is now oil free. Thanks Tradewinds for a job well done and peace of mind knowing our tenants are warm in the winter and cool in the summer! Helen W
Has your heat pump been serviced lately? Are your coils clean?

Tradewinds can customize a cost-effective maintenance program for your heat pump that will assure satisfaction, longer equipment life, and help reduce energy consumption.

Our technicians are fully trained, licensed and qualified to service and install all types of heating, air-conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration equipment.

Tradewinds' scheduled preventative maintenance program assures our customers of fewer breakdowns and longer equipment life by solving small problems before they escalate and require expensive repairs.

Our service and maintenance customers include homeowners, property management companies, public service and commercial/industrial businesses.

Tradewinds provides fast, competitive quotes for repairs, upgrades, modifications and retrofits.

Tradewinds Eco-Energy Solutions is a company you can trust and rely on to not only meet, but exceed your HVAC service and repair needs.

Why maintenance is important

  • Efficiency
  • Less repair
  • Healthy air
  • Lower bills
  • Longer life
  • Less down time during peak seasons

Tradewinds Annual Maintenance Cleaning Service Plan

Specially designed for your units operation in our harsh weather. Gives you the peace of mind that you are taking care of your invenstment. Plan includes
  • Interior evaporator unit casing washed
  • Interior mesh filters washed
  • Charcoal filters reactivated (if applicable)
  • Interior evaporator coil cleaned with removal of outer casing
  • Interior fan wheel removed and washed
  • Interior water pan drained, washed and mold removed (if applicable)
  • Antibacterial spray on interior evaporator coil
  • Exterior condenser casing washed
  • Exterior condenser coil cleaned
  • Condensate drain checked and cleaned (if applicable)
  • Insulation on refrigerant lines checked
  • Running and starting amperages checked
  • Suction and discharge pressures checked
  • Make recommendations of any needed repairs to the system